Things to consider to rank your blog or website on Google SERP

March 24, 2021
Things to consider to rank your blog or website on Google SERP

Being in the top ranking of Google search results is the thing that most people want to achieve for their blog or website. According to Backlinko, the first result on search results of Google gets 31.7% of click share and the second page gets .8% of clicks by users. Which looks like something that every SEO or business wants to achieve on the first page first ranking. There are so many digital marketing companies in USA or Digital marketing Company in Canada who claim to make your website on top. But few have the ability for doing this.

How to do it?

 If you are a professional SEO Expert then you need to think about a few important components and factors that are responsible to make your business on top. Suppose for example, if you are a blogger and you love blog writing then you should focus on some keywords having medium or low search volume instead of high. Because of low search volume keywords don’t have too much competition in comparison to high competition keywords where people are already doing all components to make their website to be ranked on Google. Even if you will target low search volume keywords this will help to make your blog or business website rank early because of low competition.

 Also if you are not an SEO and don’t know how to rank websites on GOOGLE keyword results then you should hire one. You can find your SEO by finding keywords like SEO company in USA or SEO Company in Canada, first 4 or 5 results, you will get GOOGLE ads, below the ad area you will get some website ranking for organic search results, Bingo, that is the thing you need to do for your website by hiring a professional SEO Company.

What are the Important factors for on-page SEO?

  We have mentioned some factors effective for your Blog/Website on GOOGLE search result pages. Have a look carefully.

  • Keyword Consistency
  • Sitemap.xml
  • H1 Tags on Web Pages
  • Sitemap.html
  • User-friendly website.
  • Seo-friendly Content.
  • Focus on giving information instead of selling something.
  • Social Signals for Website.
  • Meta Title and meta description.
  • Seo Friendly Slug
  • Seo Friendly Breadcrumbs (for eCommerce)
  • Alt text
  • Regular update Content on website, quality content instead of quantity.


  Applying the above components for your will get you ranking within 4 or 5 months because SEO is a time taking process and Google also changes their ranking updates which effect. If you have any Idea of business for online market related, then you can discuss with our executive or directly send an email on contact@wemonde.com , Wemonde is the best Digital Marketing Company in India and also we are the best Digital marketing company in Canada and USA.

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